The main key to boost your sales, increase your cash flow and work less is to…

Have high converting ads, sales letters, effective email marketing campaigns and systems…

This is where I come in…

I’m Mara and a copywriter.

I write powerful, persuasive direct response copy.

The tone is influential and compelling because I am able to use clear, believable, captivating copy about a wide range of products and services.

…Regardless if your company is an industry giant, a mom and pop shop or anything in between.

How do I get the right results for your business?

I take the time to work with you to drill down to the fundamentals so I really understand your business and precisely what your value proposition is to your clients.

I then tap into my creative mind to come up with your hook, twist and that big idea to successfully promote your business.

Out of that, comes the headline that jolts your prospect into a frenzy of desire.

I strip the offer down to the bone and re-build it so it becomes a no-brainer irresistible offer.

And then fire the bullet points straight between the eyes so your prospect feels helpless to your persuasive powers.

There are no boring chunks of copy only first-rate conversational flow.

And I ensure you get the overall look and feel needed to propel your product or service so that is irresistibly brilliant.

You also get big ideas and marketing insights.

Got the picture? Good.

But hey, don’t take my word for it… this is what my last client had to say about my copy:


“This was one of the best investments our business has ever made, hiring Mara. Mara delivered a high quality job well ahead of schedule. Her process for understanding our copy requirements at the start is sensational. Her questionnaire really helps you get 100% clear on how you want your message delivered, so it attracts more business to your door. After writing copy myself over the years, the time, money ; energy Mara saved me was a blessing. It allowed me to get on with running other areas of my business. I highly recommend Mara, but feel free not to use her, as I want her all to myself.”

Jason Urbanowicz
Create Pt Wealth
October 2012


Here’s what another client had to say…

“…We would also like to show our appreciation for you efforts in going above and beyond by offering you a bonus $500. I wish I could offer more…. Thanks….Said…”


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